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Parent and Child in Tummy Tyme
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Tummy Tyme

(2 months - Walking)

Our FREE Tummy Tyme classes are specifically designed to develop the bodies and brains of newborns through fun activities and songs in a safe environment. Our program develops the senses through movement and discovery. Movement is key in strengthening connections between the body and brain. 

This structured class usually begins with baby stretching to help with flexibility as well as making the necessary connections between the brain and movement. The various activities throughout class work on sensory stimulation and integration, core muscle strength and more. 

This fun and FREE class doubles as an opportunity not only to bond with your child but to meet and socialize with other parents of newborn children as well. 

We understand how paramount safety is to parents. Our kid-friendly gym is full of bright colors and intriguing toys to capture the attention and curiosity of students. More importantly, our gym is equipped with safety features from the ground up. 

Class Times













Developmental Benefits

Core muscle strength


Visual perception

Sensory stimulation & integration

Proprioceptive & Socialization skills

Vestibular Stimulation

Spatial Awareness

Attend as many classes as you'd like.

*Students graduate to Magical Moves upon walking.


*Enroll into the program and show up to any or all classes we offer!

*You are required to withdraw if you decide to stop attending. Space is limited and acknowledgement of your withdraw helps space open for other babies in need of this amazing and free opportunity to grow.

Price: FREE

Class Length: 30 mins

Annual Registration: One time fee of $20

Year-Round Program: Enroll at Any Time

Call 575.523.1616 to speak with our friendly staff or leave a message on  our Contact Page