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Where Kids Learn, Laugh & Grow


Our Multi-Sport Center &

Early Childhood Development Center

Our Montessori-based curriculum has a theme-based format with an emphasis on learning through play. Our preschool curriculum has been designed to encourage creative and cognitive thinking skills in children through the use of music, art and projects. Built into the curriculum are social skills, problem solving and exploration to enhance appropriate behavior in children. Children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners. Working on projects, responding to relevant questions, listening, using creative movements and art projects allows children to explore and discover the world of math, reading, science, and literature.

Why Choose Us?

  • Certified & Caring Instructors

  • Proven Curriculum

  • Safe & Secure Facilities

  • 10,000 sf of Indoor Play

  • Outdoor Play Areas

  • Multi-Sensory ZooPhonics

  • S'Cool Moves Integrative Movement

Educational Toys

Now with 2 locations!


2341 Entrada Del Sol

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601 Española


We offer gymnastics for children as young as 6 months old! Learn about our educational gymnastic classes, recreational program, and team gymnastics.


We offer swimming lessons for children as young as 2 months old! Learn about our Free Baby Splash classes and learn-to-swim recreational program.


Ninja Zone

Our Ninja Zone program begins teaching children as young as 3 years. Students learn the discipline of martial arts, mental toughness of gymnastics, and creativity of free movement.


Ninja Nights

We've turned one of our most popular programs into a monthly event for the community! Parents, drop off your children at our Ninja Night and enjoy two hours alone as they participate in non stop action and pizza!

Quality Time Outdoors

Ninja Night 

Nerf Night

Swim Night Out

Camp 4 Kids 

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