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Join in the fun!

Our Open Gym is a great opportunity for parents of children 5 & under to interact in a fun, safe, and kid-friendly environment. We provide plenty of colorful toys, foam mats, and more! Spend your time at specially designed play areas or freely roam around discovering new colors, shapes, and textures.The children have a blast running around, jumping, crawling, bouncing on our trampolines, and exploring while upbeat kid-friendly music plays.


Open Gyms are a great and affordable way for members and non-members to have access to a year-round facility that specializes in children's fitness. That's right! This weekly event is open to the public so invite your friends and family to turn up the fun!

Did you know? You can purchase an annual membership for $40 and start saving on your Open Gym admission price immediately. It pays for itself in just 2 months!


5 Years & Under

(parent-child activity)

Days & Times



Non Member: $15

Member: $10



*Advanced Registration Required

Call 575.523.1616 to speak with our friendly staff or leave a message on  our Contact Page

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