Our Ninja Zone program offers all the athleticism of gymnastics, the discipline of martial arts, and all the excitement of freestyle movement. Our Ninja Zone coaches have been trained and certified in the Ninja Zone methodologies and practices to provide your child with the very best Ninja experience in Las Cruces! Ninja Zone is a rapidly growing franchised program with hundreds of locations across the nation. This allows for a structured and proven curriculum used to train thousands of students. The Ninja Zone program is divided into four (4) incremental skill levels. These levels are White, Yellow, Green & Blue. This multi-level approach allows for a safe progression of the many skills Ninjas will be learning. Skills are divided into five (5) workout groups. These groups are (1) Strength/Listening (2) Floor (3) Bars/Beam (4) Trampoline - Kicks and (5) Vaulting/Wall.​​

Ninja Zone Special Announcements

Award & Recognition Program

Our Ninja Zone department is working on providing a new award and recognition program for our Ninjas. Ninjas will be able to track their progress, earn ribbons, medals, and in-class celebrations. More coming soon.

New Ninja Nights! Starting Feb 27

We have taken one of our most popular programs and turned it into a monthly event. This fun, safe, and affordable event is open to the public with no membership fees necessary. Gain access to a Ninja's dream location with unlimited... Learn More!

Kinder Ninja



Our Kinder Ninja has two separate classes, we have Kinder Ninja for ages 3-4 and 5 year olds. We house two different classes for this Kinder Ninja for the fact that there can be a barrier for skills and discipline.


Ninja Level 3

6 & Up


The Level 3 Ninja Class is for students who have mastered all of the safety techniques and who are ready to transition into learning emphasis on Jump + Kick + Flip Combos as well as more advanced strength and agility.


Ninja Level 1

6 & Up


The Level 1 Ninja Class begins to introduce combinations of flips, rolls, jumps and kicks. Ninjas strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.


Ninja Level 2

6 & Up


The Level 2 Ninja Class begins to teach more advanced combinations of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Mastery of all safety techniques and ability to follow Ninja standards in focus and taking direction.
Skills Practiced: Cartwheel, round off, handstand, pullover, cast away, spins, kicks, jumps


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