Sea Turtle Class

Sea Turtles swimmers have past swim experience, show strong signs of independence and confidence, and meet our skill requirements. In addition to our standard water safety and survival practice, students are introduced to new elements of the breaststroke and backstroke: whip kicks, rhythmic breathing, dolphin kicks, and lap swimming. Understanding this, safety is still taught as instructors challenge students to hold their breath longer, swim further, kick harder, and have fun! At this age, terminology is expected to be learned and used. Students should start to become truly comfortable in water, moving independently and learning more specific strokes, body positioning movement, side breathing, and arm technique are the main focus. Students will learn how to set and obtain short and long term goals, patience, perseverance, confidence, and listening skills. Our goal is a safe, fun, nurturing environment where little ones can develop sound, positive feelings about themselves and learning.

We use an incremental progression-based curriculum. This allows our students to be comfortably and safely eased into intermediate swimming strokes, techniques, and terminology through skills. Skills are activities designed to help students gradually become more comfortable in the water while learning how to swim at a higher level. This level works to develop a foundation for all 4 competitive strokes with rhythmic breathing.

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Sea Turtle Class


Lily Pad Swim School

4-5 Years

30 Minutes


*Instructor Approval






Tadpoles Class

2-3 Years


Our Tadpoles swim class consists of our youngest independent swimmers. Much like our parent-child classes, Tadpoles immediately get to work on learning very important water safety and survival skills.


Bubblefish Class

3 Years


Bubblefish immediately get to work on learning very important water safety and survival skills. Students will immediately be introduced to (or continue developing) their back float, swim-to-wall, monkey crawls, and practice independently climbing out of the pool.


Goldfish Class

4-5 Years


The Goldfish class is where you’ll find our 4-5 year old beginners. Similar to all our classes, watery safety and survival skills are immediately and continuously taught. This level works to develop a foundation for independent freestyle swimming. Each class works on arm and kick development in preparation for future stroke and breathing techniques.

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Lily Pad Awards!

We're proud to announce we will be launching a new award and recognition program. Students will have the ability to track their skills, receive ribbons and medals for skill and level completions, and more!

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  • Sticker Sheet for Skill Tracker

  • Ribbons & Medals

  • In-Class Celebrations

  • Parents Track Skills Online

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