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We are passionate about young children and it shows! Our philosophy focuses on nurturing and encouraging children in a positive, creative environment that allows them to explore and discover. We believe in and endorse New Mexico’s Guiding Principles for the Full Participation of Young Children which state in part:

  • Every child has unique gifts and abilities

  • the early years hold enormous promise to reach their full potential

  • every child learns within the context of relationships and play

  • every child’s family deserves equitable access to appropriate services that acknowledge their uniqueness

We place a high value on the process of learning. We believe that a positive attitude about learning is one of the most valuable assets any institution can teach. We believe that preschool children are ready for physical and academic instruction that is tempered with fun, humor, and enthusiasm as each child learns in his/her own way. Our emphasis is on learning and making learning FUN. We believe movement and sensory stimulation are integral parts of learning and that learning and the process of learning are intimately linked to movement. So even though our activities are fun, there is a very serious side to these movements that impact the developing brain! The hope of every parent is to have happy, successful children, and we believe we can assist in this great endeavor and that Gym Magic can offer the greatest opportunity to develop sound gross motor skills to benefit the process of learning and brain development. We are also passionate about learning and the process of learning because this is vital to a successful, satisfying life. We are committed to providing a safe, playful environment for all children to enjoy.

Professional Educators

  • Certified by the state and meet all the NM child care requirements;

  • In-depth training in S’cool Moves™

  • In-depth training in learning/movement connection

  • Trainings to help with insight on child development and childcare

  • Professional development opportunities via in-house and off-site trainings

  • In-depth training in Zoo-phonics™ for multi-sensory phonics

  • Continued annual training to enhance skills and knowledge in child development and classroom settings

"Open Door" Policy

We operate on an ‘open door policy’ which means we welcome parents at any time. You are invited to bring in grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters to visit also. If you have a hobby or special talent you would like to share with us, please speak with our Director so we might share this with all the children.

We welcome volunteers in the classroom; however, if a parent volunteers more than five times a semester, a CYFD background/fingerprint check will need to be completed. Please check with the Director for more information.

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