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Welcome to Kids Academy



Our Kids Academy is 140 hours/month of safe, supervised, full-time care for K-5 students. Kids Academy includes educational support (using on-line lessons from LCPS teachers) PLUS weekly lessons in Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, Ninja Zone, S’Cool Moves, and other physical activities and games. This program provides dedicated homework support, support and monitoring of virtual LCPS classes, field days, water safety training in addition to all of the fun programs at Gym Magic. Our sports are used as ‘tools’ to also teach life skills such as determination, persistence, teamwork and dedication. Learning should be fun!

Kids Academy Overview

A Program for the Working Parent

Complement to VLA-LCPS  |  ECECD Tuition Support

(Formerly CYFD)

Professional Sports Lessons



Students receive a professional swim lesson in a safe indoor environment with year-round CPR certified instructors. We’ll also be providing an open fun swim every friday to end the week off right.


Ninja Zone

Our Ninja Zone program offers all the athleticism of gymnastics, discipline of a martial arts, and all the excitement of freestyle movement. Children learn patience, problem solving, self-discipline, control, and develop confidence in overcoming obstacles.



As the foundation of our children’s activity center, gymnastics is our forté. Student-athletes will be trained according to their abilities and level of comfort. Gymnastics is such a powerful sport that has such great benefits on a student’s ability to set goals, achieve milestones, and overcome obstacles in life.



Our Dance program proudly presents life-long and academic-backed instructors who emphasize fun. Students will learn current dance moves and fun rhythmic activities (body, action, space, time, and energy). The creative tool of dance not only helps students physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Kids Academy Pro Sports Lessons
S'Cool Moves_logo.png


S'Cool Moves is an integrated  movement program designed to improve the ease of learning. S'Cool Moves improves coordination, provides tools for self-control and improves focus. Activities in S'Cool Moves help stimulate the vestibular system. The vestibular system is the hub that integrates the visual, hearing, balance, and sensations of the body. This play-based program helps develop students through movement (running, swinging, sliding, rolling, twirling, and more).

Additional Info for Kids Academy

Homework Support

Our schedule includes daily dedicated time for  homework support. Our program provides certified teachers and supervision.

Safety & Covid

We are working closely with the Early Childhood Education & Care Department, local & national guidelines, and our staff to ensure the safety of you, your children, and ourselves.

ECECD Download

Fun Friday

We're taking our most popular and kid-chosen games and activities from our themed camps. Each week will end with a camp-like day of fun and swimming.

Tuition Support

Completely fill out the application and you may qualify for a significant amount of tuition support from CYFD. 

Additional Kids Academy Perks

We Take Health & Safety Seriously

The safety of our students, parents and staff is our first priority. Gym Magic has implemented a comprehensive health and safety protocol for all. Lesson plans and class ratios have been changed to allow the proper restrictions for our facility.

  • Health checks for all participants (Students, Parents & Staff)

  • Entry & Exit Protocol

  • In Facility Health & Safety Protocols

  • Enhanced Cleaning Standards & Procedures


Kids Academy Information


  • Registration Start Date: August 1st

  • Start Date: August 17th

  • Staggered Drop-Off 

    • Group 1 - 7:30-7:40 am ​

    • Group 2 - 7:40-7:50 am

    • Group 3 - 7:50-8:00 am

  • Kids Academy full day: 8-3 pm

  • Extended Care: 3-5:30 pm 

Tuition & Discounts


  • $799/mo ($5.70/hr)

  • Extended care: 3-5:30 ($100/mo.)

  • Education Supply Fee: $25/child

  • Teacher Discount: $50 off per month

  • Sibling Discount: 15%

  • August Proration: 50%

  • December Proration: 25%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are students required to wear a mask?

A: Students will be required to wear masks during times of inactivity.

Q: Do you provide early drop-off?

A: No! We provide a safe staggered drop off method. 

Q: Do you provide extended care?

A: Yes! We offer extended care from 3-5:30 pm for an additional $100/mo.

Q: Do you provide computers for school work?

A: No. We ask that you bring computer rentals from the school you attend.

Q: Do you accept state support?

A: Yes. Our application has the necessary forms to apply for ECECD financial support.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes.$100 Non-refundable Deposit required to hold spot.

Q: Do you provide discounts?

A:Yes! $50 off tuition each month for teachers and a 15% Sibling Discount.

Q: Will you prorate for August?

A: Yes! August will be prorated by 50%.

Q: Do you offer drop-ins?

A: No. We'd like to keep consistency in our program for quality and safety purposes.

Q: What is ECECD?

A: Early Child Education & Care Dept. is formerly CYFD.

Q: What are you doing to keep my child safe and healthy?

A: We have implemented many health and safety protocols. Learn more.

Q: What is your student to teacher ratio?

A: We are following the 10-1 ratio mandated by the state.

Q: Which grades qualify for Kids Academy?

A: We are accepting students in K-5.

Q: Am I required to sign up for an entire school year?

A: No. We require a semester at a time.

Q: Do I need to purchase school supplies. 

A: Yes. You will need to purchase school supplies required by your school.

Feel free to contact our friendly support staff at 575.523.1616 or

Contact Form

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