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Camps 4 Kids Overview

Our Camps 4 Kids program brings fun theme-based camps to the Las Cruces community. By following the LCPS schedule, we are able to provide fun camps to children of working parents. We provide School's out Camps on these days. During the summer, we offer 7 straight weeks of fun and immersive camps that include field trips, swimming days, walks to the park, movie & popcorn days, and so much more. We do our best to include the theme of the camp in everything: decorations, games, crafts, snacks, and field trips. *We are doing our best to keep our camps as fun and interactive as before covid. With health and safety as a top priority, some events and activities have temporarily been changed or removed. Please read each camp for details.


Camps 4 Kids Announcement Board

Love Working with Children?

We are always looking for great talent who loves teaching children how to learn, discover, interact, and have fun! Start your career today and apply at

Have Questions about Camp?

If you have any questions you'd like answered concerning our Summer Camps, call 575.523.1616. You can also reach our Sales & Information desk by submitting a form at this link.


Minion Villain Camp



Are you ready to take over the world?! Are you ready to be the baddest of the bad guys? Are you ready to become a SUPER VILLAINs henchman? We’re taking this search locally! Kevin, Bob, and Stuart are teaching you how to become the best henchman there can be. Take notes on how not to use a freeze gun and how to not lose your villain to the other villains. You will have the confidence of Stuart, the cuteness of Bob, and the brains of Kevin. WIth their team building activities such as, the banana toss, race against the Vicious Six, and....

Feb 16

Wreck-It Ralph Camp



Wreck-It Ralph and the gang need help getting back to their games and turning Ralph into the Video Game Hero he’s always wanted to be. Strap in and get ready for a wild ride as the outcome of our games help Ralph figure out which hero he's going to be! Jump into the action as we play Fix It Felix Jr., Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, and so much more. That’s not all! Vanellope needs our help just as much! The real quest comes in defeating King Candy and helping Vanellope become...

Feb 20

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Dive into our photo gallery and journey through a world of themed camp excitement! View past games, crafts, field trips, and more.


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We pride ourselves on making our Summer Camps memorable. Our field trips are a huge part of that! Take a peek at our summer field trip destinations!

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