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Upcoming Gymnastics Clinics

August 14, Tumbling & Bars Clinic

Leslie & Hannah. 3:00 - 4:30. $24
Ages 6 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

Boys & Girls Clinic

Perhaps the most exciting part of gymnastics for many gymnasts is tumbling ! Round offs, back handsprings, flipping and rolling! We will explore fun and new ways to show off tricks that each individual gymnast would like to accomplish. Pick and choose your tricks! Coaches will help you with drills and practice at your most desired forms of tumbling. We will tumble on mats, trampoline and the spring floor.

Women's uneven bars are a rollercoaster of an event, allowing gymnasts to experience some serious G-force and adrenaline. Gaining the know-how to work both with and against gravity, while adhering to our number one bars rule...never let go of the bar is easier said than done. Through creative strength training, fun stations, and coach-guided focus work, you can learn how to accomplish the foundational skills of uneven bars such as: Pullovers, casts, back hip circles, and undershoots, setting you well on your way to uneven bars excellence! Register today so that you don't miss out on all the fun!

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