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Upcoming Gymnastics Clinics

February 27, Cartwheel Clinic 

Hannah and Charlotte 2:00-3:30. $24+tax

Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

Cartwheels are one of the first exciting tumbling skills accessible to gymnasts. They may look complex, but we promise after you get used to being upside down, they come in a pinch! Our Cartwheel and ariel clinic is for the cartwheel novice, all the way through to advanced tumblers. Whether you want to learn the basics of a cartwheel on the floor, get your cartwheel on a balance beam, or level up your cartwheel to an ariel so you can say “look mom, no hands!” our clinic is for you. 

March 21, Beam Clinic

Ireland and Mariana. 2:00-3:30. $24+tax
Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed

Gain confidence on the balance beam!  Kids will learn the proper technique for balancing on the beam. They will spend time improving their walks, kicks, mounts, and dismounts. They will build on their current class skills and begin more challenging skills all based on their individual readiness!  This is a fun and challenging clinic.  

April 24, Bars Clinic 

Rachel and Leslie. 2:00-3:30. $24+tax
Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed

Bars is the most challenging event in all of gymnastics! Bars takes a lot of strength and timing and we will work on those key things at this bars clinic!  Pull-overs, back-hip circles, and dismounts will be our main focus, all major skills in the event of the uneven bars!

May 22, Vault Clinic 

Hannah and Rachel. 1:30 - 3:00. $24
Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed

Run, Run, Run!  Most of the event of the vault is about the approach to the springboard! We will explore running techniques and learn how to accelerate our speed. We will work dive rolls through hula-hoops, stretch jumps, and handstand flat-backs depending on the skill level of each individual gymnast!

June 12, Trampoline Clinics

Coaches TDB. 1:30 - 3:00. $24

Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

This is a very fun clinic!  Kids will learn how to control their power in movements by working on the trampoline and tumble track.  Jumping and landing in SLP or “Safe Landing Position” is something we work hard on in class and this clinic will expand on that while also giving kids skills to practice and some extra trampoline fun!

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