Dance at Gym Magic

Our Dance ‘til Dawn program starts at 3 years of age and offers age-appropriate ballet, gymnastics, and creative movement classes.  Our dance instructors bring fun and excitement into each dance style whether classes are for beginner or advanced students.

We also specialize in our unique combination gymnastics/dance classes. These are fun exploratory classes that offer gymnastics with dance.

Keeping with our state of the art philosophy, our dance studios are furnished with a unique floating hardwood Dance-Flex floor to provide extra joint protection to our students. Underneath the floating hardwood, we added an additional cushion to reduce stress on joints even more. Our ballet studio is equipped with ballet bars at two heights, as well, to provide age and size appropriate instruction. Our studio has floor-to-ceiling mirrors and easy access to water and restrooms.

Our instructors are experienced performers and teachers who have developed curricula for each class they teach. Although terminology and technique are always taught, our teachers keep class engaging with props, a variety of music styles and creative games and drills. 

Dance/Gym Combo

This class focuses on ballet technique, movement, performance, and fitness (sport specific cardio, flexibility, and strength). It provides a supportive...

Creative Movement

This blended class focuses on introducing little dancers to body awareness, balance, movement and rhythm through techniques ...

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