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The Pea Squad curriculum offers a unique blend of activities catered to both One Peas and Two Peas, designed to enhance their physical and cognitive development through active movement and brain engagement. For One Peas, the program focuses on promoting a direct connection between movement and brain processing. Walking in circles and scooting across beams engage their brains while developing their sensory systems through activities like rolling on wedge mats, bouncing on springboards, swinging on rings, climbing through tunnels, and hanging from bars.

As toddlers transition to the Two Peas stage, the curriculum continues to nurture their growth with more advanced challenges. Two Peas learn to run with developing synchronization, balance on alternate feet, and roll forward, sideways, and backward on a wedge with support. They explore the transfer of weight from feet to hands and back, honing their gymnastic abilities. In addition to physical development, the Two Peas class fosters social interaction through structured games with low Two Peas classmates. They sing and perform physical motions to familiar songs, creating a fun and engaging environment for learning and play. Whether One Peas or Two Peas, the Pea Squad class promises an exciting and holistic approach to fostering growth and learning in the magical years of early childhood.

Pea Squad


Sweet Peas
Educational Gymnastics

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Pea Squad


Sweet Peas

1-2 Years

45 Mins





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The Blending of Two Curriculum-Rich Preschool Gymnastics Programs!

We are very excited to now announce the blending of our Tumblebug Program with the Sweet Peas Program, an educational gymnastics program which shares our philosophy and culture of purposeful movement steeped in Fun and exploration. Gym Magic is the first gym in New Mexico to offer this stellar educational gymnastics program which has received rave reviews nationally and internationally.


Let us introduce you to Sweet Peas! Each year (One Pea, Two Peas and so on) has a dedicated curriculum filled with age appropriate activities that promote coordination, balance, core strength, bilateral awareness and flexibility - very similar to our Tumblebug Program.

Other Sweet Pea Classes

Sweet Peas

Wee Pea

6-12 mos.


Carefully designed for babies learning to sit and crawl. Wee Peas provides our littlest students with active learning activities that focus on whole baby development. Wee Peas are given opportunities to move, reach and grasp in a baby safe environment that is rich with color, sound and tactile experiences. Wee Peas learn to recognize their name in class and react to identifying themselves to the teacher.

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Sweet Peas

One Pea

1 Year


One Peas are ready to move! With their newly developing upright mobility (and sometimes a mix of both eagerness and hesitation), One Peas are beginning to understand words and ideas. The active learning goals of One Peas promote neural development in the amazing one year old brain. The One Peas' curriculum is designed to provide enriching activities in a safe and fun environment. One Peas learn self awareness and physical adaptation through developmentally appropriate gymnastics activities such as stepping, rolling, balancing, sliding and swinging.

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Sweet Peas

Two Pea

2 Years


Two year olds are amazing! Two Peas are gaining independence! The Two Peas program is designed to capitalize on the rapidly improving physical, cognitive and language development of two year olds. Two Peas provides gross motor skill development with whole body activities in developmentally appropriate circuits. Two Peas learn to run with developing synchronization; step, hold and balance on alternate feet; roll forward, sideways and backwards on a wedge with a spot...

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