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Class Information

Class Name:

Red-Orange Class






6 & Up

Class Length:

60 Minutes



Skill Level:


Class Ratio:










Students at the Red Level will be introduced to all four events and begin to learn all the beginner level gymnastic skills. On the beam they will begin to learn balance. On bars they will learn to swing and pull themselves around the bar safely. They will begin to learn to run and jump onto a springboard. They will begin to start basic gymnastics floor skills such as a handstand and a cartwheel: coupled with turns, leaps and jumps.

As our students progress to the Orange Level, they will begin to become more familiarized with the events and advancing their skills while still becoming comfortable at each event. Our students will begin to learn accelerated running techniques for a stretch jump on vault. They will learn kicks and jumps along with keeping their balance on the beam. They will begin to gain confidence on bars focusing on skills such as the pullover and back hip circles. On floor they will begin to learn proper form for their cartwheel, handstand, forward and backward rolls.

Red-Orange Class

Stuck in a Foam Pit

Tummy Tyme Class

2-11 Months


Our FREE Tummy Tyme parent-child classes are specifically designed to develop the bodies and brains of infants through fun activities and songs in a safe environment. Our program develops the senses through movement and discovery.

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Magical Moves Class

12-35 Months


Magical Moves is our parent/child gymnastics program for 12-35 months of age and walking. Magical Moves combines gymnastics, dance, and sensory processing skills that increase brain development.

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Glitterbug Class

3 Years


Our Glitterbug students become independent from their parent for the first time. This class introduces gymnastics in a fun, safe, and structured manner. Classes incorporate fun challenges, sing-a-longs, and more.

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Introducing our brand new

Star Awards!

We're proud to announce our new award and recognition program. Students now have the ability to track their skills, receive ribbons and medals for event and level completions and more! *6 & Up Program Only.

  • Personalized Skill Tracker

  • Sticker Sheet for Skill Tracker

  • Ribbons & Medals

  • In-Class Celebrations

  • Parents Track Skills Online

  • Email Celebrations

  • Social Media Shout Outs


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Coming June 1st

NEW Educational Preschool Gymnastics Program!

We are very excited to offer a brand new educational preschool gymnastics program, Sweet Peas, beginning at The Village (601 Española). Sweet Peas is an internationally renowned preschool program, and we are delighted to be the first in New Mexico to offer this wonderful program. We anticipate the Sweat Peas Program at Gym Magic Kid's Main Campus by January. Our Tumblebugs Program will continue at Gym Magic Kids while we prepare for the incorporation of Sweet Peas which includes a deeper dive into developmental movement and information. Stay Tuned!