Staying Healthy From Home

We feel it's important to try to keep some consistency for the kids as their life and schedules have been so disrupted, and they may not understand exactly why. We think we can help bring back some familiar faces and familiar activities for your kids. So with that in mind, we have great news!

The Family Star Pass

We've been working day and night with our stellar team to bring Gym Magic Kids LIVE to you in your living room! Yep! We’re bringing your coaches, and our classes to you Live! We are offering The Family Star Pass for only $39.99/mo.


As a member of our Live Zoom Classes membership, you have access to ALL of our programs available online! Yep! Members can attend Ninja Zone, Gymnastics, Dance, and Parent-Child classes (age-appropriate attendance only) multiple times a week!

Convenience of Online Classes!

• Access from Home

• 1 Family, 1 Price.

• Access to Multiple Sports

• Access to a TEAM of Coaches

• Live Interaction with Class & Coach

• Affordable & Convenient


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register?

Yes. We are creating something entirely new and would love your support as we take Gym Magic Kids live on the internet and into your living rooms.

How do classes operate?

Classes are ran like normal, except online. Instructors direct students, provide real time feedback, and follow lesson plans designed for online. 

Do you prorate tuition?

Yes. We will only charge you for the remaining percentage of classes left in the month you enroll.

How do we meet online? Zoom.

Please be sure to download Zoom to your devices prior to attending your first live online class.

How to download Zoom

Do I have to pay for multiple kids?

Our Family Star Pass is one price for the whole family!

Is there a long-term contract? No.

Our online service is month-to-month with automatic billing. Online users simply need to inform our support team they would like to withdraw.

When will Live Classes begin?

We plan to roll-out our Live Classes as soon as Monday, April 13th.

Can classmates see each other?

All classes will be moderated by our instructors prior to the start. Students will be able to hide their camera for privacy. 

Who will be in these live classes?

These classes will consist of various children around the world since it is held online.

Why is there a new password each month?

We like to keep our online membership safe, up-to-date, and secure.

Can I participate in multiple programs?

Of course! Your child can attend any of our online live classes, as long as they're of the right age. 

Will it get loud and confusing?

Students will be muted at times so their instructor can direct class. There will be time for Q & A.


Still Unsure? Have Questions?

Our goal to continue providing the necessary interactions and healthy activities for you and your children. Our community is important to us. Our mission hasn't changed, our delivery has.


We hope to connect with more families than ever with our move to online classes. We welcome feedback and conversation. Let us know what you like and where we can improve!


We'd like to answer any questions you may have regarding our Online Family Star Pass. Talk to you soon!

We're Here to Help.

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