Upcoming Dance Workshops

February 27, Ankle Strengthening 

Coach Serena, 1:00-2:00. $20+tax

Ages 7 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

This clinic is perfect for dancers and gymnasts looking to improve and build ankle strength and supporting muscles. Athletes perform a multitude of complex movements utilizing jumps and positions that require precise balance and coordination so ankle strength and mobility is a must. This clinic will dive into the intricate muscle of the ankle and how to strengthen and stabilize them using a resistance band, scarves, and stability balls.

March 13, Ballet Technique

Coach Serena, 2:00-4:00. $35+tax

Ages 7 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

Focus on redefining your technique and building confidence in ballet. This clinic will give students the opportunity to slow down, ask questions and luxuriate in their newfound understanding of the ballet steps and vocabulary that makeup up a ballet class. Appropriate for all levels of ballet.

April 24, Flexibility Training 

Coach Serena, 1:00-2:00. $20+tax

Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

Let’s Stretch! Achieve total body flexibility using techniques of relaxation and breath work to optimize your range of motion. This flexibility training clinic will involve low-intensity exercises that increase the total range of motion of a joint or group of joints. Flexibility training is beneficial for all athletes as it can boost sports performance and make accomplishing tasks easier.

May 22, Jumps, Leaps and Stamina 

Coach Serena, 1:00-2:00. $20+tax

Ages 5 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

Find your power! Learn how to properly execute a few of the basic jumps, leaps and turning leaps. Achieve maximum height and body control throughout your jumps and leaps. You’ll learn about strength and stamina exercises, easy to incorporate into your daily dance routine. 

June 12, Pirouettes and Turns

Coach Serena, 1:00 - 2:00. $20+tax

Ages 6 & Up (All Skill Levels Welcomed)

Discover the secret to turning. You will learn step by step, how to become more consistent and successful in all turns and turn combinations. Emphasis will be placed on spotting, body positioning and placement, and the addition of achieving more rotation.

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