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Event Information

Age Group #1:


Age Group #2:




Sibling Discount:

Skill Level:

2-3 Years

Tues. 12-12:30 pm

4-6 Years

Thursday 1-1:30 pm

$40 per year




Adaptive Aquatics

Adapted Aquatics are swim classes designed for people with neurological, developmental, and cognitive challenges, teaching them independent swimming and water safety skills. Each swimmer receives individualized, progressive instruction that makes learning achievable, sensory integrative and fun. The program will be structured around our swim skills. If a student has a muscle disorder, we will work more with them on strength and flexibility. Those with coordination and others disorders will be helped through singing and movement.


*Reusable swim diaper is required if not potty trained. 

Designed for those with developmental challenges


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a parent

based class?

A: Yes, parents are required to attend each class.

Q: Is a swim diaper


A: Yes, if not potty trained, reusable diapers are required. 

Q: What is the cost of


A: Our tuition is the same as our recreational swim classes, $97/mo.

Q: What is the student to instructor ratio?

A: Our ratio is 4 parents/student to 1 instructor.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Students with muscular, coordination and other disorders. Call for details.

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