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Gymnastics at Gym Magic

Welcome to Gym Magic Gymnastics!

We’ve been a USA Gymnastics Member Club and participated in the USAG Junior Olympic Program for boys and girls since 1993.  We opened our doors with the hopes of providing a fun, safe environment for young kids to enjoy gymnastics and have grown into a full multi-sport facility.Gymnastics is the foundation of our center. It was our first sport, and it has laid the groundwork for all our other programs. We have been teaching gymnastics since 1993 and have instructed thousands of Las Cruces youth over the years. Gymnastics is truly a ‘super sport’ in that it develops the body, the mind and the emotions. 

Our program begins at 12 months of age in our parent and child classes called Magical Moves. Magical Moves is a fun exploration of movement in its many, varied forms. All our preschool classes take place in TumbleLand, a wildly decorated, dedicated space for preschoolers. TumbleBugs, our program for 3 to 5 year olds, also meets upstairs in their own private center. This separation from the main gym offers a safer and less hectic environment for our little ones and also allows us to provide ‘preschool-sized’ equipment for their smaller hands and feet.

After TumbleBugs, we start our gymnastics program for girls in the main gym downstairs with “Over the Rainbow”, a six level progressive structure that teaches skills in small, incremental steps. This provides the greatest success for the student as they approach skills in small steps that eventually lead to more complicated skills.

We also offer USA-Gymnastics Jr. Olympic competitive teams for boys and girls. For those not wanting to compete, we also have Exhibition Teams that allow you to perfect your skills and  perform at various local events.

Gym Magic was founded on the principle that all of our programs should help young kids develop into healthy, happy and confident young adults. We firmly believe children are our most precious resource and are worthy of our greatest efforts. While gymnastics is an exciting physical activity, we believe its best benefits stretch far beyond fitness and physical agility.  We believe, when gymnastics is taught properly, it can be one of the best tools to teach life skills (self-confidence, courage, discipline, commitment, perseverance and mental focus) because gymnastics is naturally fun.  When these positive traits are learned as a child, the possibilities for that child become limitless!  

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